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Posted October 1, 2017

Facing the growing need for health advocates who recognize the benefits of prevention and intervention among all ethnicities and diverse backgrounds, The Linner Foundation in Washington D.C. was founded to provide awareness and support.  The group’s mission is to empower families and individuals with care that meets the various needs of their clients as well as to provide healthcare resources and referrals, counselling and advocacy.  Among the most important focus of the group’s goals: to provide awareness and behavioral intervention in regard to all avenues of mental health.

Oliver L. Roy, founder of The Linner Foundation, has over 15 years of experience as a mental health advocate in the areas of mental health training and community outreach.   A product of a challenging foster child system, and now a foster parent himself to two special healthcare needs children, he is knowledgeable in the needs and issues revolving around our mental healthcare system.  Mr. Roy has dedicated his experience to advocating support to families facing socio-economical boundaries and barriers in order for them to receive the best resources and care.

The Linner Foundation understands the challenges that patients face regarding patient care and ethnic diversity.  They offer a variety of services and programs that support individuals and families facing special healthcare circumstances such as:

  • Fathers and Families: A program aimed at aiding fathers of children with disabilities.
  • Mental Health First Aid Awareness: A program focusing on first aid assistance in mental health or substance-use situations.
  • Foster Care Support Services: A service that encompasses foster children and their families and address the challenges both within the system and support for those aging out of the foster care system.
  • Family Navigator Program: A collaborative effort with Advocates for Justice in Education (AJE) to provide resources and education for families with special needs individuals.
  • Family Empowerment & Development Support Services (FEDSS): This program promotes healthy living and growth throughout the community by engaging in mental health awareness.
  • The Linner Foundation Healthy Living Program for the 45 and Older Group: A resource for information allowing you to receive the best health and wellness programs.

The Linner Foundation strives to support and provide mental health services and support programs to all individuals and families.  The approach is simple, by breaking socioeconomic barriers and providing care regardless of the situation, ethnicity, culture, and social inequities, the community can come together in strength and positivity.  The group’s strong focus on mental health is the backbone of The Linner Foundation, and as Mr. Roy states, “We are strengthening our community and enriching the family dynamic by working towards outcomes that shall positively change our community.”

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