The 30-Day Challenge

Posted March 1, 2018

A look into the 30 day Challenge.

Have you ever wondered about the reasoning behind the 30 day challenges popping up all over?  It may be a 30 day ab challenge or diet, or a challenge to be kinder to those around you.  The 30 day challenge can incorporate just about anything into your daily routine and it is a great way to introduce a new activity or thought process into your life.

Part of the reason the 30 day challenge exists is due to the idea that it takes at least 30 days to develop a habit.  And when you think about it, 30 days isn’t very long.  This helps goals feel more attainable which in turn becomes a huge motivator.  So let’s take a look at something you’re passionate about.  In fact, let’s take it a step further and think about something of which you wish you were more passionate.  For me, I wish I was more passionate about running.  Deep down, I know the passion exists because I once had it.  I was never a good runner, but I enjoyed it and relished the benefits as the pounds sluffed off.  I wasn’t big on listening to music; rather I enjoyed the buzz of nature and pounding of feet on pavement.

So what’s stopping me from getting back into running?  There are many excuses I could share and surgeries I could list since I last ran, but truly, even those excuses have me rolling my eyes.  What I will say is that the next thing I’m going to do after writing this post is dig out my ‘tennies’ and give it a go.


Day 1 (The Start)

The most important day of your new challenge is day 1.  Just get it over with.  Is your passion to read more but you don’t have time?  There is always time!  Set the timer for 5 minutes and read.  When the timer goes off, you’re done; a successful day 1 in the books!  Maybe you want to try yoga but don’t have time to go to the gym.  Pull up a You Tube video, and get started.  You can even learn to belly dance!  There are plenty of alternatives to traditional gym classes if you take a moment to review your options.

Getting over is the first day hurdle is often the toughest because mentally we are not ready to move forward.  A great tip is to start a journal so that you can put your thoughts to pen and paper.  The Best Self Journal is a great one to use.  Start with what you want to accomplish.  Do you want to exercise more or start a new business venture?  Do you want to do a job you love or wish to start something you’ve always wanted to do?  Write down your goal and look at it every day.  Post it in your journal and stick a post-it note on your bathroom mirror.

The next step is to identify your excuses.  List them out.  What is keeping you from pursuing your passion?  Once you’ve listed your excuses, write down how you will overcome these objections.  A bad knee?  Start with walking or minimal exercise.  Need money to start a business?  Spend your 30-day challenge working on your business plan, researching grants, and finding alternative ways to starting a business.

Day 2-29 (The In-Between)

What you need to remember is that hard work pays off.  Do a little bit each day, working toward your end goal.  You’ll begin to see your mind-set will change over time.  Additionally, you’ll be developing a new habit and that’s what this is really about.  Once you get over the obstacles blocking you from your passion, you’ll begin to see ways to incorporate time for your passion into your everyday routine.

Another point to remember is that your challenge isn’t over if you skip a day.  Identify what made you miss a day and add it to your list of excuses.  Then, simply overcome it and move on; don’t dwell on it.



Day 30 (Last Day doesn’t Mean the End)

You’ve done it!  By now, you’ve come to realize that spending a few minutes on something you’re passionate about has blossomed into a reality.  Goals can be modified and expanded.  The key to success is to be flexible and remain positive.  I can run for 5 minutes today and 10 minutes tomorrow.  By day 30, I hope to be running 3 miles a day.  I know it is achievable; I just have to get past day one.  Here I go!




Written by Jennifer Ferrell, Freelance Writer.

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