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Posted April 22, 2018

“Providing accessible arts education to promote positive development in children, youth and families experiencing poverty and homelessness.”

The workplace is a fluctuating environment and now more than ever, where analytics and logistics once dominated, creativity and innovation have taken over. College admissions counselors and employers alike are no longer simply looking for academic excellence but also persons that can effectively solve problems and create new ideas—otherwise known as the artist. In fact, growth experts argue that despite arts education being eradicated from inner city school budgets, students with exposure to fine arts are“ more prepared citizens for the workplace of tomorrow”. Unfortunately, the concept that STEM related subjects are to be prioritized in schools is plaguing urban neighborhoods and widening the educational gap between the working class and 1%. Luckily, Project Create exists to be the bridge.

Project Create | Facebook

In the Washington DC, Project Create is anon-profit organization that is offering a wide range of arts-related classes to inner-city children and youth. Reverend John W. Wimberly, a Presbyterian pastor and community activist, started project Create in 1994. Wimberlu found that elementary school children in his community needed an after school program and together he and a few community members collaborated to make the organization happen.

A few years later, Project Create expanded to also include art classes to homeless children in the DC area. The stated mission of Project Create is “to enrich and transform the lives of at-risk children D.C. by providing them with professionally-led arts experiences.”

Today, Project Create offers a wide variety of classes, events, field trips, and other art-related activities for children and youth. They offer a Family Art Day twice a month to help parents become involved in the artistic education of their children.

Project Create | Facebook

One of the Project Create’s artists -teachers, Blue Robin, states “Project Create has provided them with a safe space to freely express themselves through art. The youth are getting exposed to artists who look like and believe in them and this works wonders on their self-esteem.I have gotten the opportunity to see youth grow to young adults”

Project Create creates opportunities for the youth and local artists. It grants youth the access, where they can learn about fine arts which in turn empowers them and helps build character development. For the artists, they’re able to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to the younger generation. With this great work, DC communities are progressing.



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