Fresh Artists: Helping Young Artists Gain Exposure

Posted April 22, 2018

“One of the biggest challenges that artists face is trying to gain exposure for the artwork that they produce.”

A traditional artwork exhibit at a local gallery can cost thousands of dollars, and most artists,more specifically those from low income communities, will most likely not be able to afford to showcase their work.

Barbara Chandler Allen, understood this need to find alternative ways to finance arts education in the inner city, thus she founded Fresh Artists in 2008. Fresh Artists is a non-profit organization in Philly whose mission is to curate an exhibition that features the work of young artists from low-income communities and increase access to education opportunities in the world of arts.  While the normative is that the youth don’t have the resources to showcase their work the other pressing matter is that due to budget cuts in public schools, children don’t have access to a quality artistic education that allows them to hone their craft and discover their artistic voice.

Fresh Artists | Facebook

Fresh Artists has a wide variety of art programs that they offer to the community of Philadelphia. These programs include:

  • Mini-Masterpieces: This program introduces young children to recognized artistic masterpieces and then invites the children to re-create their own interpretations of these masterpieces.
  • Mosaic Color Chip Art: This program focuses on recycling paint chips and cardboard to create mosaic artistic creations.
  • Big Art Studio Demos: This program is for middle schoolers and high schoolers and introduces these young people to the process of printing large art pieces from color calibration to the mounting process.
  • Cool Jobs: This week-long pop-up creative community allows designers and professional artists to interact with local teens so that they can see what the artistic profession is really like.

“What is most unique about the way Fresh Artist functions is that it allows youth to be a part of the solution to funding public art education while simultaneously giving them a platform.”

Fresh Artists | Facebook


According to their website the organization seeks to “amplify the voice of children by promoting their access to the transformative process of art making and by validating their talent and selfless concern for the well being of others.”

In order to finance the work of young artists, the organization hosts exhibits to corporations and small businesses. As a result business leaders donate and thus money is put towards art supplies and under-funded art programs in local public schools.

Consequentially, as youth artist donate their work to exhibitions, money is raised for innovative art programs and/or resources in their local community.


Fresh Artists allows youth to find ways to express their creativity and learn about the business of the art world. The impact that the organization has had on the local community is unspeakable and will have a long lasting legacy.



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