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Posted January 9, 2018

The Freedom to Express What’s Within

I’ve never been good at speaking in public, and it’s not just related to speaking in front of large crowds. While I certainly can a carry on a simple conversation with friends and strangers alike, it has always been difficult for me to formulate and put into words some of the deepest and most treasured ideas, values, and opinions that I hold dear.

While I can talk for hours about sports, jokes, and other less serious subjects, when the topic of conversation switches to politics, religion, spirituality, or other serious social issues that have meaning and relevance to our world today, I usually slowly take myself out of the conversation and revert to “listening mode.”

While some people might take that as a sign that I don’t have much to say on a given subject, the fact of the matter is that I believe one of the problems with our society is that people are all too willing to express opinions without having adequately pondered on the meaning and ramifications of what they are saying and expressing. Before voicing my opinion and outlook on matters that have importance to our world, I have always wanted to take the time to seriously and sincerely reflect on what I truly believe.

The problem, of course, is that in our rat race culture, very few people allow for spaces of deep reflection during debate. Our television and radio stations are crowded with talk shows whose hosts make a living by being insolent, disrespectful, and verbalizing biased opinions that obviously haven’t been well thought through.

For me, writing has been an opportunity to remove myself from the temptation of conveying partial and prejudiced opinions. It has allowed me to take the time to think deeply about a variety of subjects, and get beyond the superficial issues in order to find the root of the problems we collectively face.

The word “radical” is etymologically related to the word “root.” For me, then, writing has given me the potential to develop a radical philosophy that attempts to find the root of the challenges that face our world. It allows me to ponder a variety of responses, think things through several times, consider variant opinions and differing ideas, and finally put together a proposal that at the very least has been sincere in the attempt to be truthful and straightforward.

Furthermore, and perhaps on a more tangible and practical level, writing has also allowed me the economic freedom to dedicate time and energy to other passions and ideals I hold dear. One of the nice things about our globally connected world is that with the right connections, what I write can be shared around the world no matter where I am.

Instead of showing up every day to an office in some urban jungle and working eight-hour days in front of a computer with a strict editor breathing down my neck, I have been able to find spaces to write about what is important to me from wherever I find myself. The main perk of working as a free-lance writer is that I can work from my home nestled in the mountains of El Salvador, and still have the ability to influence people around the world. This also allows me the freedom and sovereignty to dedicate time to the small organic farm that I run with my family, spend more time with my wife and daughter, and enjoy the independence that comes with being my own boss.


Written by Tobias Roberts, Freelance Writer.

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