4 P’s of Pitt

Posted February 8, 2018

The 4 P’s in Pittsburgh Food!!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  home of Wiz Khalifa, the Terrible Towel, the Whiskey Rebellion, and of course, great food.  Yes, food!  Pittsburgh has introduced the world to many firsts that tantalize taste buds and keep us coming back for more.  In fact, Pittsburgh is the birthplace of the Big Mac and McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.  But that’s not all.  With Restaurant Week wrapping up in DC and you are looking something to eat in America’s Steel City, here are the 4 ‘P’s’ of food you must try.

  1. Pierogis

Stuff’d is Pittsburgh’s newest hot spot.  Recently opened, Stuff’d is a Pierogi Bar featuring delicious Pierogis of multiple varieties.    Gino Riccelli, owner of Stuff’d, has partnered with COP OUT Pierogis owner, Carl Funtal to create a unique watering hole in Katz Plaza downtown.  Sip on your favorite whiskey (thanks to Pittsburgh) and munch away on some authentic Polish dumplings.

These fun pierogis will satisfy any hunger and are bursting with amazing flavors.  Boiled or fried, patrons can order cheeseburger or spring roll pierogis, Rueben pierogis or masala, with many other options available.






  1. Pittsburgh-style pizza

A third generation, family run business, Mineo’s Pizza House is a staple in the Pittsburgh area.  Giovanni Mineo started his pizzeria in 1958 with the hopes of sharing his Sicilian version of pizza to everyone he could.  The result was a mouthwatering success with hand grated cheeses, slow roasted Italian tomatoes and homemade dough.

Recently, Mineo’s Pizza was voted “Best Pizza in PA” and as a plus, Steeler fans (or simply fans of fantastic pizza) across the nation can order Mineo’s Pizza for delivery.  Mineo’s will ship your pizza frozen so you can enjoy Pittsburgh’s best pie on game day!






  1. Pitts Popcorn

Movie goers around the world owe Pittsburgh a bit of gratitude.  The ‘Nickelodeon’ in Pittsburgh was the very first movie theater that showed motion pictures.  Until 1905, movies were viewed as a side act between vaudeville performances.  With the rise of theaters in the following years, and the connection we now have to movies and popcorn, it only seems natural to visit Pitts Popcorn where they pop corn to perfection.

Pitts Popcorn is known for their light, fluffy popcorn and flavors and it makes the perfect snack while watching a movie.  Pop into any of their shops or have it delivered to your home.  Mix and match flavors or indulge in any one of their signature popcorns.  Movie night will never be the same!




  1. Primanti Bros

The love for fries is real!! We have the Primanti Bros. restaurant to thank for possibly the greatest sandwich addition ever; French fries.  They’re not just a side anymore.  At Primanti Bros., fries are served up hot on your sandwich, not next to it.  Looking for a way to feed hungry truckers during the Great Depression era, Joe Primanti set up a sandwich cart in the bustling Strip District in Pittsburgh.  As his success grew, he found a permanent location to cater to his patrons.  The addition of fries on the restaurant’s sandwiches came about when a trucker hauling a load of potatoes brought a few in to see if they were frozen.  Joe piled them on a sandwich after frying them up and history was made.

Pittsburgh has many great restaurants and shops to visit, but you’ll be doing yourself a great favor to include any one of these mouthwatering ‘P’s on your list next time you are in town.

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